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For decades hair washing lived in two discrete categories: shampoo and conditioner. But modern science reveals a cleansing/moisture continuum: While shampoo cleans (over-cleans and strips), conditioner moisturizes (to fix what shampoo damages). So, if shampoo and conditioner are the extremes, what lives in the middle that enables hair to flourish, free from codependency? New Wash does. Three formulas mean that everyone can live in a post-shampoo/conditioner world.

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Organic Way (OWAY) is the world’s first professional hair color, care, and styling line with biodynamic, organic, and fair trade ingredients. While never harming plants, animals, or the planet, we also partner with verified international fair trade workers, ensuring safe working conditions, fair wages, and environmental protection. We use 100% infinitely recyclable glass and aluminum packaging which guarantees pureness and protection of the ingredients. Balancing nature’s gifts with innovative biotechnological ingredients, OWAY is free from ammonia, parabens, petroleum, phthalates, PEGs, and GMOs.

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The world of hair is changing, and low-chemical and natural technology is leading the way.  Our mission is to provide the cleanest professional colour in the world which has led us to a progressive new colouring approach. Molecular Blend Technology (MBT) which pre-links colour pigments that are supported by two nourishing hero complexes giving incredible vibrancy, shine, longevity and protection to coloured hair. We call it O&M CØR.color. And of course — as the name suggests — it stays true to our core promise: zero ammonia, PPD or resorcinol.

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We’re obsessed with ingredients on our fantastical quest to make the finest natural, botanical, sustainable haircare, skincare & shave products in the world, because we believe that natural, botanical ingredients inherently lead to real beauty. That means sweating the details of every single ingredient in our products: Purest essential oils. Ethically-harvested natural botanicals. Chock full of organic ingredients. More concentrated formulas because water is not used as a cheap filler, like so many other products do. pH balanced for skin and hair.

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